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What Are You Preparing For?


A concern about some potential event brings you to us. These include economic turmoil, political upheaval, attack from other countries, EMPs, CME (Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun), and natural and man-made disasters. If you focus on the aftermath of any of these events, it can make you pretty anxious. Practical Preppers believes we should all focus on preparedness solutions and not the potential problems.

What We Do

We help you develop your preparedness plans and implement tested and proven solutions. We typically begin with an information gathering session then we begin to formulate the best plan that meets your goals and budget. We offer both phone and on-site consultations. Send us an email if you are interested and we will send you our survey. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This process has saved our clients a lot of time and money on their journey towards being prepared!

Download our survey here.


Survey Topics Covered

  • Goals/Lifestyle Choices: Preparedness,Sustainability, Homesteading.
  • Location: Population Density, proximity to Nuclear power plants, water sources, military bases, farms etc.
  • Water System: Life sustaining potable and non potable water systems tailored to the needs of the retreat.
  • Food: supply and storage. Long term and short term storage plans plus many strategies to resupply food.
  • Grid Down Cooking: Creative ways to find, make and use renewable, recyclable energy sources to power the retreat.
  • Energy, Heat, Fuel: Creative ways to find, make and use renewable, recyclable energy sources to power, heat and cool the retreat.
  • Communications: Developing multiple plans of communication with those on the retreat and ways to gather information from short and long distances.
  • Barter: Making suggestions on what items could be valuable in a crisis situation.
  • Medical: Technical information concerning medications and alternative healing methods.
  • Networking: Linking people together who are like minded and geographically juxtaposed.
  • Security: Customized security plans for your retreat and surrounding community.

Who We Are

We are preppers. We know about the different scenarios that prompt many to get into preparedness. However, our motivation is not fear-based. We enjoy the sense of security that comes with self-sufficiency. This isn't about getting by or just surviving. This is about building a good wholesome life for you and your family. We practice what we preach!




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